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September 24, 2016




this week brings us to episode 517. my sincere thanks to kris hauch and the band norway house for sharing their music.


norway house - @ bandcamp

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this is - orson welles

the majesty of - nick cave




September 17, 2016

paper bones



episode 516 is here, inspired by the jon pattie song home (from the ep 3 2 1), and the new album skeleton tree by nick cave.


the subjective perception of beauty is something quite astonishing to me. it likely doesn't need saying, but trying feels important, nonetheless.


i hope you'll listen.


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nick cave's song - jesus alone

this is - what i mean

and this one - may be my favorite




September 10, 2016

stranded in the ocean



this week's podcast finds me inspired by the new ep 3 2 1 by jon pattie. specifically, jon's song stranded in the ocean is quite beautiful, and points me toward related themes of storytelling, metaphor, emotion, and the mysteriousness that it always is to feel connected to a song, a moment/person/experience, etc.


the fact that i can't fully grasp, or express, the intertwining strands of connection and meaning makes their perception all the more humbling.


episode 515 is my report on these and other things.


i hope you'll take a listen.


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September 03, 2016




episode 514 is inspired by the author laura albert, her literary persona jt leroy, and the forthcoming documentary film about the two of them - author: the jt leroy story.


as indicated, i find this story, and laura albert personally, quite deeply moving.


the wtf - interview with laura albert

another - great interview

more at - lauraalbert.org


the director - jeff feuerzig

the film - half japanese: the band that would be king (1993)

the film - the devil and daniel johnston (2006)


the band - half japanese

a - song

singer/songwriter - jad fair

jad's - official site


the artist - daniel johnston

daniel's - official site


many thanks to jon pattie for reaching out, and sharing his work. jon just released the ep 3 2 1, and i look forward to sharing his music very soon.


jon's site - jonpattiemusic.com

the song - stranded in the ocean

find music - at bandcamp

see - jon pattie perform


you're invited to link and listen! i hope you will.