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September 27, 2015

theme music - part 1 (of 3)



as promised, tonight brings us to part one of a series featuring singer-songrwriter-engineer kris hauch (aka norway house). kris visited amidst my recent move, shared some songs, stories, and updates on his ongoing projects.


notably, kris mentions the facebook page theme music, and the burgeoning norway house youtube empire.


it's episode 466 - part one of three. i hope you'll join us, listen, and explore!


become a friend of - norway house

find music at - bandcamp.com

discover recording at - theme music


see & hear:

- sun shadow man

- west coast girls

- under the leaves

- so lonely

- pokemon (3000)




September 20, 2015




episode 465 has landed, along with thoughts of mermaids and lost time. tonight's opening song is from the norway house album 912 - which leads to a few long-lost songs from me, and some gushing over two songs i love.


one is mermaids written by nick cave.


the other is origin of love from the musical hedwig and the angry inch. (music/lyrics by stephen trask). please note: i wrongly attributed the songwriting in the podcast. john cameron mitchell remains amazing, but he didn't write the song... ;)


find kris hauch (norway house) music at - bandcamp.com


the songwriter - nick cave

the album - push the sky away

the song - mermaids - performed live

the - album version

the exquisite - opening track - from the same album


the writer/actor/singer - john cameron mitchell

the songwriter - stephen trask

see the song - origin of love - from the movie

the - soundtrack album version

an alternate - version of the song

a - live version - from 2003

another - great song - from the movie

the - original soundtrack - for hedwig & the angry inch

more on the myth within - plato's symposium

and (just for fun) here's - the neil patrick harris version


i hope you'll listen.


more soon.


please stay tuned.




September 13, 2015




episode 464 has arrived, along with songs from their self-title eponymous debut by kris hauch's band norway house. mixed in-between kris' songs, i also play a few of my own, and ramble on about how it feels to let go. especially when you don't want to, but have to. or, maybe more, how sometimes there's no other choice.


something like that.


you're invited to listen.


and there's more to come. please stay tuned.





p.s. - more music from kris is at - bandcamp.com

September 06, 2015

if you want someone



episode 463 finds me at home, continuing to prep for a move, and enjoying the music of kris hauch (and his band norway house). this week's podcast centers around a few of my favorite songs from kris, and a few of my own that feel related.


subjectively, as i post this, tonight's songs seem to carry some hard-to-define sense of shared symmetry. or, maybe i'm making that up?? could be. whatever the cause, i'm happy this happened.


there'll be more soon. i'll keep you posted. i hope you'll listen.





p.s. - you can find more music from kris at - bandcamp.com