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November 24, 2017

saying it



this week's podcast features a few more songs from sam and josh armerding, another ressurected song from me, and some thoughts surrounding the emotional power of expression.


it's episode 578.


the songs:

- happy to be alive (by sam armerding, 1995)

- i want to be allowed to continue (deep, deeper, deepest, 2014, remastered)

- baby pictures (by josh armerding, 1995-ish)


my sincere thanks, again, to josh and sam for their music.


i hope you'll listen.




November 17, 2017




this week is episode 577. it's inspired a bit by disappointment, generally. but also (more importantly) inspiration, and work, time, and growth.


the music is from josh and sam armerding + a re-envisioned song from me.


many thanks to josh and sam for their music.


and to you for listening.


the songs:

- all i see (by josh armerding, 1995)

- the problem is i want it all (lip service, 2013, remastered!)

- cowboy star (by sam armerding, 1995)


more soon!




November 10, 2017




this weekend arrives with episode 576. it's me + norway house + a new song + a few thoughts surrounding the ephemeral nature of our impressions, experiences, dreams, beliefs, etc. the feeling of seeing something beautiful - or, even more, of connecting dots that may well otherwise be completely unrelated - is bit a bit strange and sweet.


many repeated thanks go out to kris hauch and the band norway house for sharing their music with me. you can find more - at bandcamp.


more about - pareidolia

even more - at wiki


the songs:

- 746 (by norway hosue)

- jane (written/recorded today, by me)

- i wanna feel bad all the time (by norway house)


there'll be more next week.


i hope you'll listen, enjoy, and stay tuned.




November 03, 2017




episode 575 is here! this week finds me with music from the band norway house + an imperfect song of my own.


behind the scenes, i'm continuing to finalize work on my 2017 homemade project. if all goes well, i'll get things in shape to share more soon.


in the meantime, i'm happy you're here, and hope you'll listen.


tonight's playlist:

- cry for you (by norway hosue)

- rubbed raw (don't even try, 2012)

- you're an animal (by norway house)





ps - you can buy norway house music - here.