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March 29, 2019

parallel worlds



episode 648 is a brief report from the song workshop.


i'm happy to have new songs, and that you're here.


i hope you'll listen.

the songs:

- you're s'posed to just know (v1.0, 2019)

- gone missing (v1.0, 2019)

- the end (demo, 2019)




March 22, 2019

fantasy conversations



episode 647 is another simple one: just me + three more songs-in-progress.


i'm thankful you're here,

and hope you'll join me.

the songs:

- you're s'posed to just know (demo, 2019)

- the keys (demo, 2019)

- raise yourself (demo, 2019)




March 15, 2019

new songs



tonight's podcast (episode 646) begins my 2019 song series. i've written quite a few songs over the past few months, and i'll be working with garageband in the coming weeks (and months) to make them the best they can be.


this week features three new demos-in-progress.


i hope you'll listen.

the songs:

- 1980, approximately (demo, 2019)

- gone missing (demo, 2019)

- natural causes (demo, 2019)




March 08, 2019

top ten 2018



episode 645 is my top ten list of favorite movies from 2018.


the list:

10 - the children act - directed by richard eyre

(see also - notes on a scandal and the dresser)

09 - kusama: infinity - directed by heather lenz

08 - at eternities gate - directed by julian schnabel

07 - blaze - directed by ethan hawke

(see also - blaze foley)

06 - the third murder - directed by kore-eda hirokazu

(see also - like father like son and our little sister)

05 - the other side of the wind - directed by orson welles

and - they'll love me when i'm dead - directed by morgan neville

04 - first reformed - directed by paul schraeder

03 - burning - directed by lee chang-dong

(see also - poetry and secret sunshine)

02 - shoplifters - directed by kore-eda hirokazu

01 - the rider - directed by chloé zhao

the songs:

- out of respect (lip service, 2013)

- guts (lip service, 2013)

- love is something you can do all on yr own (deep, deeper, deepest, 2014)

- yellow leaf (deep, deeper, deepest, 2014)


i hope you'll join me.




March 01, 2019

filmfest 2018



as promised, episode 644 is part one of a (two part) movie series.


this week features my almost-favourite movies from 2018 (along with a few that're eagerly anticipated, but as of yet unseen).


my formal top ten list will be here next week!


exciting unseen movies (as of now):

roma - directed by alfonso cuarón

cold war - directed by pawel pawlikowski

can you ever forgive me? - co-written by nicole holofcener

if beale street could talk - directed by barry jenkins


my (almost) favourites:

won't you be my neighbor - about fred rogers

juliet naked - based on the nick hornby novel

support the girls - starring regina hall

tully - directed by jason reitman

1985 - directed by yen tan

leave no trace - directed by debra granik

eighth grade - directed by bo burnham

tonight's songs:

- darkness (inner circles, 2018)

- either way (a fish may love a bird, 2006)

- the future (don't even try, 2012)

- a simple q (splitting, 2015)


thank you for being here.

i hope you'll listen.





p.s. - if you haven't yet, you can find the entire inner circles series below.


part one - episode 637.

part two - episode 638.

part three - episode 639.

part four - episode 640.

part five - episode 641.

part six - episode 642.

part seven - episode 643.


p.p.s. - the album is @ simplemuzik.com.