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March 30, 2018




tonight's podcast is - episode 596.


it's a short one - just me thinking through a few new versions of a recent song.


things are busy at the moment, but i'll be back with more soon!


the songs:

- she understood (2018, fast demo)

- she understood (2018, slow demo)

- clear and present (2018 demo)


i hope you'll listen.




March 23, 2018




in posting this week's podcast, i'm reminded of the concept of saṃsāra.


as i understand it (in my, admittedly, simplistic way), the meaning is something like "the mortal/mundane world of life and death," which is to say - this one, here and now, where we struggle and work and ache over and over again.


maybe escape isn't the question?

maybe there's a wisdom in accepting it?

maybe it's possible to appreciate it?


i don't know,

but i hope there's a way.


in that spirit, yr invited to join me for - episode 595.


i hope you will!


the songs:

- safe (2018, demo1)

- safe (2018, demo2)

- the hope side of it (2018 demo)




March 15, 2018




tonight's podcast picks up where we left off last week. it's me again, with a few demo songs, feeling a bit small in a big world.


it's episode 594.


the songs:

- lotto (2018 demo)

- she understood (2018 new demo!)

- unwanted (2018 demo)


i hope you'll listen.




March 09, 2018




this week brings us to episode 593. it's a short little mini-podcast (just 20 minutes) centered around a few new song ideas.


my plan for the coming months is to explore these songs (+ others), and share as they evolve toward a more complete form.


yr invited to join me!


i really hope you will.


tonight's songs:

- cards (2018 demo)

- she understood (2018 demo)

- upon consideration (2018 demo)




March 02, 2018

my 2017 top ten



i'm very happy to post episode 592.


it's me + my top ten favorite movies of 2017.


i hope you'll join me.


the songs:

- once (by norway house)

- you've been gone for so long (by norway house)

- 10:30am (by nick guerrero)

- mention it to the girl (by jonas)


there's more norway house music - here,

more from nick guerrero - here,

and more about yasujiro ozu - here.


the movies:

- 10 - loving vincent

- 09 - lucky

- 08 - david lynch: the art life

- 07 - human flow

- 06 - a quiet passion

- 05 - maudie

- 04 - phantom thread

- 03 - columbus

- 02 - after the storm

- 01 - a ghost story