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March 27, 2016




this week is here with episode 491 in tow. it's a podcast focused around listening.


i hope you will!




March 20, 2016

let me down



episode 490 features two new songs from norway house and a few thoughts about finding value within disappointment.


i hope you'll listen.


- norway house - on bandcamp

- see the song - 4 in the morning pt. 1

- see kris perform - live on the podcast

- see the song - that kind of girl


- the director - yasujiro ozu

- a scene from - late spring

- a well-stated - review




March 12, 2016

do you realize??



this week's podcast is here a bit early. it's episode 489.


just a few small thoughts inspired by a wedding and a song.


i hope you'll listen!


- discover more - norway house music

- the song - do you realize??

- the - official video

- the movie - vanilla sky




March 06, 2016

the 2015 top ten



episode 488 has landed, along with my annual top ten list of favorite movies. i'm self-conscious as i post this, knowing that: a) lists are inherently subjective/silly, and b) my comments are less articulate than intended.


i apologize for my faltering, but do hope you'll listen and visit the links below... each of these movies is worthy of your attention!


movies i will see soon:

- 45 years

- i smile back

- our little sister


some great movies:

- diary of a teenage girl

- while we're young

- christmas, again

- best of enemies

- i am big bird

- what we do in the shadows

- people places things


the top ten:

10 - time out of mind

09 - phoenix

08 - amy

07 - boulevard

06 - carol

05 - ex machina

04 - anomalisa

03 - the end of the tour

02 - heart of a dog

01 - kumiko, the treasure hunter


many thanks to jonas, nick, nico, and kris, for their music!


- find nick guerrero - at bandcamp

- find kris hauch (norway house) - at bandcamp


and sincere thank you's to you for being here.