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June 28, 2018




episode 609 is a bit an unexpected addendum to episode 608. at its center are a few more thoughts inspired by pop stars kesha and enrique iglesias, the fragile ideal of fealty, and the 2002 film adaptation from screenwriter charlie kaufman.


the songs:

- let me down easy (cat eyes, 2016)

- a romantic idea (demo, 2018)

- a simple q (splitting, 2015)


i really hope you'll listen.





p.s. - if you've never seen the movie adaptation, it's highly recommended!

June 22, 2018




this week's podcast is episode 608, and finds me working on a new song + pondering life through the lens of recent pop songs. specifically, the albums sex and love (from enrique iglesias), and rainbow (from kesha).


i realize that pop music has a (mostly well earned) reputation for being shallow, simplistic, overly-commercialized, mass-produced, so on, etc. i don't disagree, but i also think there's a lot to see beneathe the gloss.


if yr interested, some examples are linked below.


(please note - content and language warning!!)


this is - enrique iglesias

hear the entire album - sex and love

the song "i'm a freak" is - a bit beyond explicit

the song "bailando" is - deservedly famous

the song "there goes my baby" is - sugar personified

the song "heart attack" is - wonderful melodrama


this is - kesha

hear the entire album - rainbow

the song "woman" - kicks some serious butt

the song "learn to let go" is - wistful + angry + powerful

the song "boogie feet" is - euro trash retro sweetness

the song "spaceship" is - true in a raw way


i hope you'll listen.




June 15, 2018

high and low



episode 607 is a small one.


it's me +
three new songs +

mary, queen of scots.


the songs:

- i.c. (demo, 2018)

- casket letters (demo, 2018)

- that's how the world rolls (demo, 2018)


thank you for being here!





p.s. - if you haven't yet, i hope you'll visit the last two podcasts (episodes 605 and 606) featuring the talent of kris hauch and (his band) norway house.

June 08, 2018

summer kris (part two)



episode 606 is here, and delivers part two of my recent discussion with singer-songwriter, musical-genius, kris hauch. this week picks up exactly where part one left us, and includes more live performances + talk centered around the newly released album sneak peak.


the album is available, for free, at bandcamp, right now.


i hope you'll join us!


the songs:

- leaving without my love (from sneak peak, 2018)

- cows come home (live podcast version)

- we try too hard (rough mix, as yet unreleased)

- frozen ships (live podcast version)

- in my room (from sneak peak, 2018)

- pennies (classic kris, live podcast version)

- trying not to get into heaven (from sneak peak, 2018)





ps - also, please don't forget to - befriend norway house.

June 01, 2018

summer kris (part one)

hello friends,


tonight's podcast is part one (of two) featuring talk, stories, and new music, from the songwriter, musician, all-around-genius, kris hauch.


for those who don't already know, kris is the mastermind behind the band norway house.

the band makes consistently good music, and their recently released album sneak peak is an excellent example of personal rock done right.


the album is at bandcamp for free. right now!!


i hope you'll support kris, get the album, and share episode 605 with us.


the songs:

- she was a girl (from sneak peak, 2018)

- baby perform (rough mix, as yet unreleased)

- pencil war (live podcast version)

- way to go(from sneak peak, 2018)

- cows come home (live podcast version)

- cows come home (from sneak peak, 2018)


stay tuned.


part two will be here soon!