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June 25, 2017

work and love



episode 556 is here, and finds me admidst thoughts of compromise. specifically, how the realities of "work" and "love" are integrated, and aren't.


balance is hard to find.


and it feels important to try.


the songs are:

- mountain (splitting, 2015)

- last place (a fish may love a bird, 2006)

- anyway, i never meant it (factory sessions ep, 2003)


i hope you'll join me.




June 18, 2017

the list



episode 555 is inspired by a moment from the 1979 woody allen movie, manhattan.


this is - the trailer, and - the scene itself.


my list:

- author, alain de botton

- raconteur, orson welles

- composer, arvo pärt, + für alina, + spiegel im spiegel

- artist, yoko ono

- singer-songwriter, j.b. lenoir

- playwright, shakespeare, +falstaff, +henry iv

- director(s), ozu, +koreeda

- author, julian barnes, + sense of an ending

- comedian, norm macdonald

- thinker, reza aslan

- writer-musician, nick cave

- poet, leonard cohen

- artist, david lynch

- painter(s), mark rothko, +dekooning, +basquiat

- food, sushi

- the small moments.


the songs:

- edith in paris (don't even try, 2012)

- mean (night beach, 2011)

- there's a world (splitting, 2015)


thank you for being here.


i hope you'll listen.




June 11, 2017




episode 554 is here, and finds me thinking about songwriting in a broad sense. specifically, how small personal expressions can make the difficulties of life feel more manageable.


i feel a bit embarrassed for the odd imperfection of it all.


and thankful too.


the songs:

- cruel optimism (lip service, 2006)

- i want to be allowed to continue (demo, 2014)

- anon (songs for when you think you made a mistake, 2002)


i hope you'll listen.




June 04, 2017

the perfect you



despite technical difficulties, i'm very happy to deliver episode 553. it's a simple one - three songs + some thoughts inspired by art criticism, inspiration, and relationships, generally.


as mentioned, i'm working to keep the podcast on track whilst traveling, and will continue to do everything i can to surmount the space between us.


tonight's songs:

- everything'll be fine (a fish may love a bird, 2006)

- i want to be allowed to continue (deep deeper deepest, 2014)

- for the woman who has everything (lip service, 2013)


i hope you'll listen.