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July 31, 2020

free rider



episode 718 is here

with another new song.


as mentioned,

you can still hear the summer series

(with kris hauch + norway house) at:


part one - episode 715

part two - episode 716


the new norway house album endless brunch is @ bandcamp.


i'm happy yr here,

+ hope you'll - join me.


the songs:

- sean & madonna (remastered, from lip service, 2013)

- free rider (demo #1, 2020)

- dirty work (remastered, from night beach, 2011)

- free rider (busted string demo, 2020)




July 24, 2020

truly lost



episode 717 is a small one - just me with a new song...


truly lost


you can lose your way

awful fast

trying to stay awake

is never gonna last


take it all away,

tie me to the sign

i'm the one they're not

ever gonna find


you can stay afraid

remain unattached

unstable ain't the seas

never had a chance


sing it like you can

make it so abstract

all the love you can

never get it back


i'm thankful yr here,

+ hope you'll - join me.


the songs:

- truly lost (demo #1, 2020)

- truly lost (demo #2, 2020)

- sometimes you can't get over a broken heart (deep, deeper, deepest, 2014)





p.s. - in case you missed it,

the summer series with kris hauch + norway house is still here:


part one - episode 715

part two - episode 716


p.p.s. - new norway house music is always @ bandcamp.

July 17, 2020

endless brunch - part 2



tonight is part two of our summer adventure with kris hauch

+ (new music from) his band norway house.


it's episode 716.


you can find the new album, endless brunch @ bandcamp,

+ this is noway house @ youtube.


if you missed part one, it's still here - episode 715.


my sincere thx to kris

+ all of his musical collaborators,

(for sharing their talent),

+ to you

(for being here).


i hope you'll - join us!

the songs (+videos):

- life won't wait

- 'til the radio stops

- this california town

- britney - what are you doing?

- don't you want me to stop




July 10, 2020

endless brunch - part 1



i'm honored to share episode 715 with kris hauch

and the music of norway house.


kris + band have a new album, endless brunch,

available now @ bandcamp.


this week is part one (of two) episodes featuring kris,

the new songs,

+ wide-ranging digressions

on life, the world,

+ songwriting.


i'm happy yr here,

and hope you'll - join us!

the songs (+videos):

- floating

- i've just gotta find the words to sing this song

- sufficient hours

- falling back again

- life won't wait

- oh, maybe





p.s. - this is noway house @ youtube.

July 03, 2020




episode 714 is small one.


me + you + some new songs.


i'm happy yr here,

and hope you'll - join me.

tonight's songs:

- way back (demo2, 2020)

- i can't stop my worrying (demo, 2020)

- the problem is i want it all (re-mastered, lip service, 2013)