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July 26, 2015




episode 457 is here, and finds me home, back on track, and happy to present new music from ryan (a.k.a. dwayne hoover). ryan's been a friend of the podcast for many years, and it's an honor to share more of his work with you. these songs are good. i hope you'll listen!


- hear ryan's project - ham (on bandcamp)

- chicago's - no shame theatre

- see "truth in context" at - the agency theatre collective


- discover - nick cave

- the documentary - the road to god knows where (1990)

- the documentary - 20,000 days on earth (2014)

- the album - tender prey




July 19, 2015




tonight is episode 456 - the third (and final) installment of me from the road. this one features thoughts inspired by the songs of sinéad o'connor. as mentioned, i'm a fan, and have been for many years. the album how about i be me (and you be you)?, and the song v.i.p., are perfect examples of why.


i hope you'll listen.


- the - official site

- see the interview - with tavis smiley

- hear - the song v.i.p.

- see the song - performed live

- this is also - a great interview




July 12, 2015

parade's end



episode 455 brings us part two (of three) podcasts recorded last month from the road. this week is an appreciation of the hbo/bbc miniseries parade's end. the screenplay was written by tom stoppard, based on the books by ford madox ford. it's really good, and highly recommended by me.


i really hope you'll listen.


- see the trailer - for the miniseries

- read the nytimes - review

- read the review at - rogerebert.com

- see the actor - interview




July 05, 2015




tonight is part one of a (three part) series about musicians and movies that i admire. the first installment finds me thinking out loud about about the 1962 yasujiro ozu (小津 安二郎) film "an autumn afternoon" (秋刀魚の味). ozu is well known in the world of film, and maybe, sadly, not so well known by western culture at large. it's unfortunate, because his work is simple and emotional and human in a rare, powerful, eye-opening, way.


there are lots of great movie directors - chaplin, fritz lang, murnau, billy wilder, fellini, antonioni, bergman, fassbinder, louis malle, werner herzog, koreeda, woody allen. for me, ozu is at the top, and "an autumn afternoon" is an example of why.


i hope you'll listen to episode 454.


- this is a much more articulate version of what i mean

- a review by roger ebert

- another review by the guardian

- an autumn afternoon - at criterion.com