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January 25, 2015

cowboy zen (pt1)



as i've mentioned in the past few podcasts, patrick kobernus and kevin street of the band cowboy zen were kind enough to visit me recently, share a few new songs, and talk about music, life/relationships, and the themes that inspire them to write. tonight features part one of the discussion. i hope you'll listen, and stay tuned for part two next week!

- be a friend of cowboy zen on - facebook

- find their music at - cdbaby


many thanks go out to patrick and kevin for sharing their time and music with me, and to you for being here. there'll be more soon!




January 18, 2015

deepest (part 3)



this week's podcast brings us to the final episode in the "deep deeper deepest" trilogy. a.k.a. episode 432. the last four songs of the project are a bit like a slow-motion drift toward a quiet place. where perceived opposites intertwine. and complexities cease. there are obvious melancholic shades to the feelings involved, surely. but an aspect of rebirth is there also. which is to say hope. imperfectly.


you're sincerely invited to listen.


- you can stream/download the songs at: simplemuzik.com

- the hebrew word hineni


my heartfelt thanks to you for being here.




January 11, 2015

deeper (part 2)



epidosde 431 is here, and features more of me sharing songs from my recent (2014) homemade project, "deep deeper deepest." tonight's podcast picks up where we left off last week, and hovers around themes of separation, loss, grief, survival, choice, et. al.


having just posted, it's hard to know how, or if, these things interrelate and connect with the experience of others. i hope they do. and i hope you'll listen, and find some value in-between the lines. i don't know if this will be the case. just hope.


above all, i'm sincerely and deeply thankful you're here.


links to more:

- the songs themselves at: simplemuzik.com

- the kübler-ross model


please stay tuned - part three will be here soon!




January 04, 2015

deep (part 1)



happy new year! in celebration of 2015, i'll be sharing songs from my 2014 homemade project ("deep deeper deepest") over the next few podcasts. tonight (episode 430) features the first installment. i'm happy and quite honored to share the songs with you.


those interested can also find the songs at: simplemuzik.com


thank you for being here, and for listening. part two will be here soon!