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February 23, 2018

the 2017 (almost) top ten



episode 591 is the first of a two-part series appreciating my favorite movie (+ t.v.) experiences from the past year.


i hope you'll join me!


the songs:

- call me (by norway house)

- angels & songs (by norway house)

- slow motion (by nick guerrero)

- aniston (by norway house)


there's more norway house music - here,

and more from nick guerrero - here.


the movies:

- the vietnam war (t.v.)

- twin peaks - the return (t.v.)

- the big sick, written by kumail nanjiani

- mother!, directed by darren aronofsky

- buster's mal heart, directed by sarah adina smith

- contemporary color, conceived by david byrne

- dean, written by demetri martin

- sense of an ending, adapted from the book by julian barnes

- florida project, directed by sean baker

- personal shopper, directed by olivier assayas

- clouds of sils maria, olivier assayas (from 2014)

- beatriz at dinner, written by mike white

- brad's status, written+directed by mike white

- brigsby bear, co-written by kyle mooney




February 16, 2018

h-nd t- g-d (finale)



tonight is episode 590.


it's the sixth (+ final) part of a series focused on my 2017 project, "h-nd t- g-d."


the playlist:

- sad heaven (h-nd t- g-d, 2017)

- warm fingers (h-nd t- g-d, 2017)

- lollipop (the slow version, 2017)


if you've yet to listen to the earlier segments, they're below!


part one - episode 585

part two - episode 586

part three - episode 587

part four - episode 588

part five - episode 589


the full album available (for free) at - simplemuzik.com


thank you, sincerely, for being here.


i hope you'll listen.




February 09, 2018

h-nd t- g-d (part five)



the fifth (and penultimate) installment of the "h-nd t- g-d" series is here.


it's episode 589.


next week is the finale!


the playlist:

- bird (h-nd t- g-d, 2017)

- lollipop (h-nd t- g-d, 2017)

- sad heaven (h-nd t- g-d, 2017)


i hope you'll join me.





p.s. - the full project is available at - simplemuzik.com

February 02, 2018

h-nd t- g-d (part four)



this week finds us at episode 588. it's part four of me thinking through songs from my 2017 homemade project.


the playlist:

- home (h-nd t- g-d, 2017)

- withdrawal (h-nd t- g-d, 2017)

- bird (h-nd t- g-d, 2017)


i'm very thankful you're here,

and hope you'll listen.





p.s. - you can find more on annie baker's play john - here.


p.p.s. - you can stream/download the album (for free!!) at - simplemuzik.com