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February 28, 2016

pop & presidents (part two)



episode 487 is here! it's part two of a series featuring new music from kris hauch (of the band norway house) + talk about the current state of u.s. politics.


it's a fun show with some great music. i hope you'll listen!


- see the song - criminal

- see kris performing - old paper - live on the podcast!

- see the song - crazy stories

- see the song - unsound emergency

- see the song - five little eagles


- find norway house - at bandcamp

- be a friend - on facebook


if you missed part one, you can find it - here.




February 21, 2016

pop & presidents (part one)



i'm very happy to present episode 486 - part one (of two) featuring new music from kris hauch (of the band norway house). the music is simply phenomenal, + a sneak peak into the forthcoming norway house album titled "misc. pop." in between, we venture into discussions of u.s. politics. fun! :) part one focuses on the republican primary, and part two will bring us to the democratic contest.


i hope you'll listen, and check the links below:


- see the song - be there when

- hear the song - my dog mary

- see kris - performing live - on the podcast!

- see the song - criminal

- see the song - a smile that will steal your heart


- support kris & norway house - at bandcamp

- befriend - on facebook


deep thanks to kris for sharing his time and music.


part two will be bere soon!




February 14, 2016




valentine's day is here, along with a veritable cornucopia of links and inspirations. one is from the film turning, directed by charles atlas, and featuring the music of antony & the johnsons. another is the book my lunches with orson, featuring the wit and incomparable personality of orson welles.


to round things out, we have the beautiful songs of nick guerrero and kris hauch (kris, of the band norway house). my many thank you's to nick and kris for sharing their music!


it's episode 485. i hope you'll listen.


find music from - nick guerrero

find music from - norway house


see the trailer for - turning

this is - antony & the johnsons

this is - maybe my favorite antony song

or maybe it's - this one, or - this one?

this is - anohni's new single

from the forthcoming album - hopelessness


the doc film - how to survive a plague


find the book - my lunches with orson

this is - orson welles

this is - henry jaglom

see the trailer - citizen kane

see the trailer - chimes at midnight

perhaps the - best trailer of all time


thank you for being here.




February 07, 2016

splitting 13-16



i'm very happy to post episode 484, which brings us to the final four songs of my 2015 project "splitting." my deep thank you's go out to you for being here, and for listening. :)


part - one (ep 480)

part - two (ep 481)

part - three (ep 482)

part - four (ep 483)

part - five (ep 484)


you can stream/download the songs at - simplemuzik.com


as mentioned, this is stephen trask's song - origin of love

from the 2001 film - hedwig and the angry inch