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February 22, 2015




tonight's podcast (ep 437) is about songwriting and ego and embarrassment, and the inspiration for sharing in the first place. these themes have come up a lot for me over the years, but for some reason, especially this past week. there's a kind of panic that's inherent in being lost, no question. i feel it. but i also think there can be a beauty to it - in the not-giving-up, listening, open-hearted, sense. perhaps, none of us are capable?? might be. but i still want to try. i don't know where that comes from, but i am thankful for it.


i hope you'll listen, and visit kris at the links below!

- be a friend of (kris' band) norway house on - facebook

- find kris music at - bandcamp




February 15, 2015

the 2014 top ten



in celebration of next week's academy awards, i'm very happy to present my top ten list of favourite movies from 2014. episode 436! lists are subjective and passé in many obvious ways, but, even so, i love keeping track, thinking, and sharing movies that delight me. happily, this year had lots of them. the sixteen titles are linked below. i hope you'll listen!


my deep thanks go out to ryan (aka dwayne hoover), kris hauch (aka norway house), nick and nico (aka the mannequins), for their music.

find the music:
-kris hauch (norway house) - on bandcamp

-ryan (dwayne hoover) - on bandcamp


the runners up:

06) - foxcatcher - see the trailer

05) - pride - see the trailer

04) - tim's vermeer - see the trailer

03) - skeleton twins - see the trailer

02) - life itself - see the trailer

01) - the dog - see the trailer


my 2014 top ten:

10) - the trip to italy - see the trailer

09) - a master builder - see the trailer

08) - frank - see the trailer

07) - only lovers left alive - see the trailer

06) - begin again - see the trailer

05) - mr. turner - see the trailer

04) - whiplash - see the trailer

03) - nymphomaniac (volume i & ii) - see the trailer

02) - 20,000 days on earth - see the trailer

01) - boyhood - see the trailer


there'll be more here soon. have a great week!




February 08, 2015




episode 435 is here, along with a few new and old(er) songs. the title for tonight's podcast is taken from the japanese phrase oyasumi nasai (おやすみなさい。), which means "good night." it's interesting how words and meanings intertwine in ways we can't fully grasp. even more, how meaning and time and the subjectivity of language work through us and with us. both in terms of personal narrative, and the wider cultural history of nations and people at large. in all directions. i find the coexistent complexity/simplicity of this quite humbling and beautiful.

the songs are:
-stare decisis (2009)

-beaks (2015)

-oya (2015)

-don't worry (2010)


i really hope you'll listen.




February 01, 2015

cowboy zen (pt2)



i'm very happy to present part two of my recent discussion with patrick kobernus and kevin street of the band cowboy zen - episode 434. tonight picks up where last week left us, and features more new songs, stories, and thoughts about the intersection of life, friendship, love, and music. if you haven't already heard part one, you can find it here.


i'm deeply thankful to patrick and kevin for their patience and openness with me, and hope you'll listen!


see/hear more at the links below:

- part one - episode 433

- cowboy zen on - facebook

- find music at - cdbaby