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December 25, 2020




in honor of christmas,

episode 739 is here.


it's a brief hello.

three songs,

curated just for us,

here + now.


kris hauch + norway house is @ bandcamp.

norway house video is @ youtube.

my 2020 project ("so much") is @ simplemuzik.com.


tonight's songs:

- i've got to find the words to sing this song (norway house, 2020)

- so high (demo, 2020)

- because of love (lip service, 2013)


i'm wishing you a wonderful holiday,

+ hope you'll - join me.





ps - simplemuzik is also @ apple podcasts.

December 18, 2020

krixmas 2020



i'm honored + very happy to post this year's

kris-mas (with kris) podcast.


kris hauch,

of the band norway house,

was kind enough to

join me here

at the end

of a tumultous year.


we talk about life @ the end of the 2020,

the new album deep state dreams,

and a better



it's episode 738.


the songs:

- rabbit hole - see the video

- wild fires - see the video

- cinammon girl - see the video

- never gonna feel that way - see the video

- all summer long - see the video


if you haven't already,

you can still hear our earlier discussion

(and more songs from deep state dreams)

@ episode 733.


thank you to kris,

his musical collaborators,

and you,

for being here.


happy x-mas to all!





ps - simplemuzik is also @ apple podcasts.

December 11, 2020




episode 737 finds me wondering about songs;

what makes them work (when they work),

and what doesn't (when they don't),

et. al.


maybe there's a simple + obvious

solution i'm missing,

and it's not quite

as mysterious

as it seems??


could be.



it feels mysterious,

+ miraculous,



+ (often, but not always) inspiring,

all the same.


related, this is - a beautiful mind,

and this is - john nash


if all goes well,

next week will be our 2020

christmas with kris hauch podcast



kris visited a few weeks back,

and you can listen in @ episode 733.


if u haven't already,

you can also find the new norway house album

deep state dreams @ bandcamp.


tonight's songs:

- if it's not you (live demo, 2017)

- heartshaped ("live", 2020)

- everything revolves around absence (live, 2020)


thank you for being here.


i hope you'll - join me.





ps - simplemuzik is also @ apple podcasts.

December 04, 2020

most importantly



episode 736 is here,

+ brings us to december.


i'm still finalizing

ten small songs

for my 2020 homemade project,

+ listening for new ones

as they appear.


related, this is - the poem i mentioned:


"...(i do not know what it is about you that closes

and opens;only something in me understands

the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses)

nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands..."


this is - e.e. cummings,

+ this is - the movie clip.


best of all,

here's the entire poem - read by e.e. cummings.


the songs:

- i'm gone now too (cat eyes, 2016)

- it's the most important thing (demo, 2020)

- lollipop (h-nd t- g-d, 2017)







+ hope you'll - join me.





ps - simplemuzik is also @ apple podcasts.