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December 27, 2019




tonight brings us to the final podcast of 2019.


it's episode 687.


as mentioned,

my 2019 homemade album "sun damage" is now complete.

it's @ simplemuzik.com


+ there's lots more from norway house @ bandcamp.


i'm thankful you're here,

+ hope you'll join me!

tonight's songs:

- hell is for heroes (demo, 2018)

- i still love you (the final song of 2019)

- criminal (norway house, "misc. pop", 2020?)




December 20, 2019

kris-mas! (part two)



episode 686 finds us at part two of the 2019 christmas-with-kris series, and picks up exactly where part one left off.


there's more discussion with kris hauch (of the band norway house), more songs from their new album "connor," a few live tracks, + many warm holiday wishes.


in short, it's a good time.


i hope you'll join us!



the new album - connor

be a friend - @ facebook

see songs - @ youtube

the full discography - @ bandcamp


- 4 in the morning pt.2

- falling back again (live)

- statue man

- falling through the hole (live)

- innocence

- christmas time brings happiness


my sincere thanks to kris+band for sharing their talent,

and to you, for being here.


merry christmas!




December 13, 2019

kris-mas! (part one)



i'm honored to share part one of the 2019 christmas-with-kris podcast series.


kris hauch of the band norway house was kind enough to visit, perform a few songs live, and talk about the new album called connor (+ many other fun tangents).


it's episode 685.


my heartfelt thanks to kris, and all of his musical colleagues, for their generosity.


find the album - connor

befriend - norway house

see the songs - @ youtube

and much more - @ bandcamp


thank you for being here.


i hope you'll join us!

the songs:

- merry christmas

- monopoly money

- falling apart (live)

- young and dumb

- living alone (live)

- make amends





p.s. - please stay-tuned - part two will be here soon... ;)

December 06, 2019


dear friends,


december and episode 684 are here!


i'm finishing up the 2019 year-end details,

and looking forward to sharing lots of good stuff with you soon.


in the meantime, don't forget the new norway house album - "connor"

you can find it - at bandcamp.


i hope you'll join me.

the songs:

- that's how the world rolls (inner circles, 2018)

- 2 L8 (inner circles, 2018)

- hold your body (norway house, connor)