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December 31, 2015




tonight brings us to our last podcast of 2015, episode 479. it's also the first full installment from my new location. i'm hopeful that the new year will bring good things, and excited to share more with you as the weeks progress.


with the end of 2015 in mind, tonight's podcast shares some thoughts inspired by the movie kumiko, the treasure hunter.


i hope you'll listen.


see - the trailer

this - is bunzo

read the - mixed reviews

read the - nyt review

read the - rogerebert.com review





ps - as mentioned, you can find my 2015 homemade project "splitting" at - simplemuzik.com

December 27, 2015

xmas miracle with kris (part two)



i'm very happy to post part two of this year's xmas-miracle-with-kris podcast - episode 478. as we arrive at the end of the year, i hope the days are warm and well where you are, and that you'll have some time to slow down, reflect, and join us with a listen... you can find part one here, and part two here.


once again, many many thanks go out to kris hauch for sharing his songs and time with me, and for his help making these podcasts happen.


there'll be more soon - stay-tuned!


kris links:

- see the song - memories

- see the song - baby's on the way

- see the song - why do i work so hard?

- see kris cover - forgot about dre


- norway house music - at bandcamp

- befriend the band - norway house




December 21, 2015

xmas miracle with kris (part one)



i hope all is well where you are! i'm busy settling into a new location, but am very happy to post part one of our annual xmas with kris podcast. it's episode 477, and a bit of a happy miracle to be here, landed, as scheduled. my sincere thank you's go out to kris hauch (of the band norway house), for sharing his music, and helping to make this happen.


i hope you'll take a listen and stay-tuned - part two will be here soon.


in the meantime, here're links:


- see the song - brooklyn hipster christmas

- see the song - forget about you

- see the song - memories


- find norway house - on bandcamp




December 06, 2015

one more (for the road)



i just posted episode 476, a surprise (for me), just-before-i-unplug-everything, podcast salute. i'll be on hiatus for a bit following this, but promise to be back a.s.a.p.


i hope you'll keep listening, and stay-tuned.