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August 31, 2018




episode 618 is inspired by (and features) songs from the new album dragon and sheep from the band wykobe enz. i've been enjoying these songs over the past few weeks, and find the mixture of intimate lyrics with clean folk-rock instrumentation + arrangement quite beautiful and effective.


most striking of all, for me, is the strong thread of optimism and hope that's woven thoughout the project. this may seem like a small thing to some? maybe so. nonetheless, it feels quite brave and helpful and true.


my sincere thanks to patrick kobernus and the band for sharing their music.


you can befriend wykobe enz - here

and find their album - here


the songs:

- you and me (by wykobe enz)

- it'll be alright (by wykobe enz)

- make things new (by wykobe enz)


i hope you'll listen.




August 24, 2018

falling out



this week's podcast revolves around two versions of a song i've been struggling to capture for some time. i spent most of a day working through it, and i'm still not sure it's there yet. alas, my attempts (demos #8 and #9) are here.


on the confident side of things, i'm very happy to present a closing song from the band wykobe enz. they just released a beautiful album called dragon and sheep.


it's episode 617.

i hope you'll take a listen,

find the band - wykobe enz,

and support their new album - dragon and sheep.


the songs:

- she understood (demo #8, 2018)

- she understood (demo #9, 2018)

- starting all over again (by wykobe enz)




August 17, 2018




episode 616 finds me at the end of a long day, from my little song workshop, thinking about songs, hoping they're getting somewhere close to the heart of it.


i hope you'll join me.


the songs:

- drifting (second demo, 2018)

- drifting (third demo, 2018)

- liars (new demo, 2018)


i'll be back with more soon.




August 10, 2018

wild wind



tonight is episode 615. it's not much - just more me + new songs, + wrestling with the moment, self doubt, and the routine disappointment of life with ourselves.


some days just feel bad, i suppose.


the trick is to find a way through it,

make it a bit better,

maybe somehow redeem a piece here and there,

so on.


the playlist:

- cards (nearly final version, 2018)

- drifting (new demo, 2018)

- the last ditch (songs from the kitchen, 2009)


i'm sincerely thankful you're here.


i hope you'll listen.




August 03, 2018

the apple



the month of august is here, along with episode 614 . it's another week of me from my little song workshop... this one finds me surprised by a few happy accidents, and thankful for the strange experience of discovering meaning where you don't expect to.


the title for this week's episode ("the apple") wasn't consciously intended, but the whole garden of eden, eve and adam, book of genesis, parable feels just about right somehow.


i hope you'll listen.


tonight's playlist:

- wise bird (second demo, 2018)

- cards (new demo, 2018)

- upon consideration (a rough demo, 2018)