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August 28, 2016

high wires



episode 513 revolves around the progression of one song, specifically, and larger orbits of songwriting/emotion/need, et. al., more generally.


the possibility of beauty and connection and meaning keep me going.


i hope you'll listen.





p.s. - tangentially related, man on wire is quite worthy of your time + the inspiration of philippe petit defies description...

August 21, 2016

song lab



this week's podcast finds me in recording mode once again, midway through the handful of remaining songs for my little 2016 homemade project.


it's episode 512. i hope you'll listen.




August 14, 2016

holy and broken



episode 511 is inspired by malcolm gladwell's recent podcast, "hallelujah," which explores creativity through the specific lens of an iconic song, and how it got that way, slowly... i'm interested by the twists and turns of fandom and fame, how they mix with desire, how beauty and love are related, and how they're not at all, too, etc.


songs feel especially prone to (or are maybe just good metaphors for?) the peculiarities of time and perspective in this sense. art as an emotional artifact, perhaps.


i'm not saying it well, i know.


but i hope you'll listen.


more - malcolm gladwell

his podcast - revisionist history

listen to the - hallelujah podcast


on the topic of - narrative oversimplification


more - leonard cohen

this is - hallelujah (1984 album version)

this is - the 1988 live album version (my personal favorite)

see - a related 1988 performance

this is - the john cale version

the majestic - jeff buckley version


the book - the holy or the broken

joshua mcnall's article - how genius happens





p.s. - for the record, sad neil diamond is pretty great.

August 07, 2016

free and clear



this week brings us to episode 510. it's me + three songs + a bit of rambling around thoughts of altruism, disappointment, and the thin high wire between them.


growing up is hard for us all, i expect.


i'm overwhelmed and very very thankful.


and hope you'll listen.