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April 24, 2020

faithful regret



this week's podcast is episode 704.


it's just me with a few new song ideas,

aspiring to a kind of meaningful simplicity.


i'm thankful yr here,

+ hope yr safe + well.


you can - join me here.

the songs:

- i wish i had a heart (demo, 2020)

- you don't have to like it (demo, 2020)

- it wouldn't matter if you did (demo, 2015)




April 17, 2020

love letters



episode 703 features some demo songs from the past year.


to my ear,

they feel a bit like love letters

from far away.


i'm sending my heart to you

in this small form.


wishing u well,

and thankful yr here.

the songs:

- crescent city (demo, 2019)

- insatiable (demo, 2020)

- sober (duet demo, 2019)


hope you'll join me.




April 10, 2020




this week is episode 702.


it's inspired by the mystery of a new song:




has it felt like we were forced to choose

between two enemies?

the one that says that i'm no good

or forever bein' a fool.


can you tell me which element is mine?


it's always a feeling

that cow jumped over the moon

that's never, no not really, gonna do.

and what about the business?

the world ain't interested.


where were y'all trying to make it to?




the empty cold heart in it

lifetimes lived aside

how wonderful that almost was

you were always listening

but never could decide


can you tell me which element divides?




can you tell me which element was mine?

and where were y'all trying to make it to?

can you tell me now which elements divide?


i hope this finds you well,

and that you'll join me.

tonight's songs:

- farmington hills (cat eyes, 2016)

- elements (demo, 2020)

- for the woman who has everything (lip service, 2013)




April 03, 2020




episode 701 finds me reflecting on regret

through the prism of redemption,

locus of control,

and growth.



and our ongoing global pandemic,

bring me to two more

new songs.


i'm wishing you well,

and hope you'll join me.

the songs:

- make mistakes (demo, 2020)

- i wouldn't've learned a thing (demo, 2020)

- home (h-nd t- g-d, 2017)