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April 27, 2018

sleeping alone



this week turns the podcast odometer to - episode 600. it's me with a new song, a rediscovered demo from the past, and a broken guitar string.


my heartfelt (+ many) thanks to you for being here with me.


600 weeks is a lot of weeks.


i plan to keep going.


i hope you'll stick with me.


the songs:

- dedication (splitting, 2015)

- sleeping alone (new song + demo, 2018)

- dedication (original demo, 2014-2015-ish?)

- how cruel (broken string demo, 2018)




April 20, 2018




episode 599 is here, and brings two brand new songs with it.


not sure why exactly, but i'm a bit daunted by the whole process of recording these days. my musical limitations are rather obvious (+ long-standing), yet my voice + performances feel somehow especially inadequate for the new 2018 songs. it's odd because, at the same time, i do like the new songs! some of them quite a lot!


still, something feels not quite enough.

hopefully this is a passing thing.

guess we'll see.


feelings aside, i'm here, working, hoping for little accidents + miracles along the way.


this is - the violet burning

this is - the song i mentioned

here's a - live version


tonight's playlist:

- waiting (brand new song + demo!)

- how cruel (new-ish song, newer demo)

- crescent city (brand new song + demo!)


thank you sharing this with me.




April 13, 2018

silent birds



episode 598 is a simple one - just me with a few new + evolving versions of songs-in-progress. the title of the podcast ("silent birds") is taken from one of my more favorite lines within the opening song...


"and i'll always have the march thereafter

candles poised upon the laughter

a nation dropping to its knees

the birds fall silent for the bees..."


i'm not sure what it all means exactly, but that feels about right.


the songs:

- confidence (2018 new demo)

- she understood (2018 new demo)

- that's it (lost demo)


i hope you'll join me.




April 06, 2018




episode 597 is here, and finds me excited by the potential of three new songs. i admit they're a bit ragged around the edges, but thought it'd be fun to share them nonetheless.


i'm working on new + improved versions as i type this, and will keep you posted! ;)


in the meantime, i'd be honored if you'd listen.


the songs:

- free (2018 new song + demo)

- confidence (2018 new song + demo)

- how cruel (2018 new song + demo)

- she understood (autotune experiment)