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November 16, 2014

tennis in tokyo



i had the happy opportunity to visit the napa film festival last night, and was able to attend a screening of the upcoming film "big in japan" (featuring the band tennis pro). i've shared tennis pro's music on the podcast a few times before, and their songs've been on my mind all day. the movie, and their music, are simply great, and i'll share updates here when the film is more widely available.


in the meantime, there's tonight's podcast - episode 423! it's me with a few of my favorite tennis pro songs, and some thoughts about the value of sharing creativity with others.


i hope you'll listen!

- the band - tennisproband.com

- the movie - biginjapanthemovie.tumblr.com

- a movie review - at variety.com

- the director - john jeffcoat

- buy - tennis pro music

- be a fan - on facebook

- see the video for - rock over tokyo



November 09, 2014

holes in the floor



welcome to a new week! episode 422 is here, and finds me feeling a bit self-conscious as i post. it's a personal podcast for me; so, guess that's to be expected?? probably. alas, feelings aside, here goes... ;) thank you for being here.

i hope you'll listen, and visit the links below!


- an interview with ric alba

- a song from the album "holes in the floor of heaven"

- a blog review of ric's album

- lyrics to the song "under lock and chain"

- the band veil of ashes

- see veil of ashes back in the day

- a classic song (re-visioned)from the album "pain"


- an interesting take on why music moves us.



November 02, 2014

the path taken



i'm here a bit early this week with episode 421. it's not much of a podcast - just me with some songs from 2012, and some thoughts about the experience of growing up, change, disappointment, consciousness, et. al. life itself, i suppose. i apologize for the slipshod nature of things tonight. i promise to keep thinking, and to bring something more complete next week.


in the meantime, my continued thank you's go out to ryan, ann-marie, and justin, for their contribution to episode 420. if you aren't already aware, you can support ryan's music by buying his latest project here (his songs are great, and $5 is far beyond a deal).


i hope you'll listen.



October 27, 2014




episode 420 is here, along with some brand new music from ryan (aka dwayne hoover), ann-marie, and justin case. the songs are excellent, and i'm honored to be able to share them here. even more, i'm excited to see where and how they evolve with time.


in and around the music, there's me - meandering a bit about shakespeare's play macbeth... wondering and thinking about things that feel connected. life itself. embarasssingly. unavoidably.


related links:
- macbeth

- tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

- the great ian mckellen talking about the soliliquy

- abaddon


my heartfelt thanks go out to ryan, ann-marie, and justin, for sharing their work with me. and to you for being here. i really hope you'll listen.