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June 28, 2015


hello friends,


i'm home again, happily, and just posted episode 453, featuring songs and thoughts inspired by the supreme court decision in the obergefell v. hodges case. this is a sensitive topic for many of us, on all sides, and i think it's important to respect the complexity and magnitude of the cultural rift between the opposing extremes. both are real, and intractable, and sincerely held, for good reasons. i don't know the answers. there certainly aren't simple ones. but i think it's possible to find a way forward. together.


i hope you'll take a listen.


my xtra special thanks go out to you for staying tuned amidst my absence. there'll be more soon! as mentioned, the next few podcasts will give focus to several movies/musicians i admire - specifically:


- yasujiro ozu's film an autumn afternoon

- the hbo/bbc miniseries parade's end

- sinéad o'connor's album how about i be me (and you be you)


i'm excited.




June 07, 2015

fermi's paradox



i'll be away for a few weeks, but am happy to post episode 452 before i go. it's just me + a few new songs + some thoughts inspired by fermi's paradox. i certainly don't claim to understand it, but i'm quite humbled by the beatiful sense in which our worlds, both internally and externally, defy quantification and expectation.


i hope you'll listen.


as mentioned, the podcast is planned to return the last week of june. in the interim, you're cordially invited to explore the back catalog available at itunes. for those who prefer to listen via other means, you can cut and paste the link below, and simply toggle the podcast number (for example: 393, 251, 165, 001, etc.) to the episode you're interested in.


the link: http://www.simplemuzik.net/podcast/SMP452.mp3


i''ll be back soon.


until then,


May 31, 2015




tonight brings us to episode 451. it's a little podcast with music from my friends patrick kobernus and kevin street (of the band cowboy zen), and a new demo from me.


as mentioned, patrick and kevin were kind enough to visit me back in january for episodes 433 and 434. if you haven't already listened (or haven't listened recently), you can find these episodes at itunes, or directly here (for 433) and here (for 434).


thank you for sharing this, sincerely.




May 24, 2015




this weekend bring us to episode 450; which appears to be a loose continuation of the thoughts and themes from last week (forever - episode 449). i'm self-conscious about posting this at all, but i do hope it can help to say such things openly.


beside the motivation to summarize and understand/transcend, i'm interested in, and respectful of, the miracle and impentetrability of consciousness itself. it's humbing and beautiful, and i'm thankful to have another chance to try to say it.


you're invited.

i hope you'll listen.