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October 13, 2017

and yet yr still asking



episode 572 finds me working with yet another new song, + the why's and how's of disappointment. i know there are likely no good answers, but part of me still longs to understand the past, myself, and to undo/re-do, things that can't be.


it's hard to face sometimes.


i hope it can be helpful to look directly at it.


to (try to) accept the truth, openly.


and do better.


i hope you agree.


tonight's songs:

- and yet yr still asking (demo version)

- and yet yr still asking (light version)

- and yet yr still asking (heavy version)


thank you for being here.




October 06, 2017

the other ghost



episode 571 is inspired by director david lowery's 2017 film, a ghost story.


this movie is simply astounding. impossibly sad. thought-inspiring. + true.


i can't recommend it more highly.


see - the trailer


the other movies i mentioned are:

- kumiko: the treasure hunter (2015)

- melancholia (2011)

- magnolia (1999)

- crimes and misdemeanors (1989)

- paris, texas (1984)


others i should've mentioned are:

- i wish (2012)

- the lives of others (2006)

- brokeback mountain (2005)


these movies are perfect to me, each in their own way.


tonight's songs:

- unlikely to change (splitting, 2015)

- density (new song, light version)

- density (new song, heavy version)

- up to here (lip service, 2013)


thank you for being here.


i hope you'll listen.




September 29, 2017




episode 570 finds me with three versions of a song about unrequited love. it's by no means anywhere near a perfect song, recording, or performance. but it feels quite right in this moment, nonetheless.


i'm thankful + happy you're here + hope you'll listen.


the playlist:

- old debts (acoustic demo)

- old debts (acoustic + bass)

- old debts (tentative final mix)


more soon!




September 22, 2017




episode 569 features four concentric versions of the same song. the recording process feels like a mystery to me most of the time. i do wish i was better at it. but, my failings aside, the whole mix of what makes a song, or a feeling, work (or fall flat) is quite fascinating.


i'm too close to tell if this particular song gets it even close to right. but i hope so.


even more, i hope you'll listen!


there'll be more soon.


the playlist:

- withdrawal (acoustic demo)

- withdrawal (acoustic + bass)

- withdrawal (guitar + bass + organ)

- withdrawal (tentative final mix)


thank you for being here, sincerely.




September 15, 2017

sad heaven



episode 568 revolves around inner conflicts that feel very natural.


partly, what do we do when those we love reject our deeply held beliefs?


can an idea survive that?


can love?


should they?


related, is how some feelings never go away.


not really.


tonight's songs are:

- swiss vacaction (demo, 2014)

- sad heaven (in-process, 2017)

- point & wave (pick yr battles ep, 2010)


i'm thankful you're here.


i hope you'll listen.





ps - this is the ex-mormon podcast i mentioned.