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October 19, 2014

addicted to love



early podcast tonight - episode 419! this week finds me more-or-less where we parted... with new songs, thinking about the whys and hows of consciousness, emotion, experience, and so on. i'm thankful that you're here, and hope you'll listen...


the songs are:
- finally (2012)

- one more night (2014)

- there's another world (2014)


some related links:

- grief as - a form of addiction

- plato's - symposium

- the titular - song itself


there will be more soon. stay tuned!



October 13, 2014




welcome and thank you for being here. i just posted episode 418 - me + three songs + thoughts about sam harris' new book waking up.

things are a bit out of sync for me right now, for which i apologize. i hope you'll listen and stay tuned. there'll be more soon!



October 06, 2014

jesus talk



the title of tonight's podcast comes from lyrics for the song "bruises" (which, in turn, inspired the title for last week's podcast). the concept wasn't something i actively planned or intended, but i'm interested in how and why religion, and the idea of g-d itself, feels (for me) naturally connected to desperation and longing.

there's something basic and human (and healthy too, i hope...) about the desire for acceptance. to be forgiven for our inadequacies and mistakes. especially when we feel/know/suspect we don't deserve it. part of this is pathological, i'm sure. and other parts are probably just frail, normal, everyday, human stuff.

episode 417 revolves around these themes. imperfectly.

i hope you'll listen.



September 30, 2014




another week is here. it's the end of september, and october is only a day away. my favorite month is almost here. i'm looking forward to it. just one more day.


in celebration, and related, tonight brings us to episode 416. it's me with a few songs that somehow feel right for the moment. it may be obvious (or might not?), but i'm a bit stuck these days. hoping. looking at the stars. wishing. disappointed. heartbroken. thankful.


you're invited to share the podcast with me. i hope you will.


the songs are:
- collapsing

- bruises

- the problem is i want it all

- oh, my love