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November 22, 2015

it just is

hello friends,


a new week and episode 473 are here. this one brings me to a few little songs, and a bit of continued meandering as changes unfold.


thank you for being here.

i hope you'll listen.





ps - if u don't already know the end of the tour (2015, see the trailer), or the spectacular now (2013, see the trailer), you should definitely seek them out. both movies are directed by james ponsoldt, and really really good

November 15, 2015




episode 473 finds the world where i wish it wasn't - both mine and ours. i'm humbled by this, frequently, and curious how our notions of "the answer" fit into it all. work, patience, and hope for the best, are all called for - so i will, wholeheartedly. but it also seems, no matter where things end up, that it'll never really be the place we dream of.


this is sad, i guess. but not hopelessly so. it leaves me with the thought that learning to love and mend the broken pieces is important. maybe that's all we have? which makes me want to do it all the more. illogically, maybe. and sort of beautifully too.


i hope you're well.

and that you'll listen.





November 08, 2015




tonight is episode 472. it's a small podcast with me and a few songs, cautiously hopeful that things are going as they should. not much, i know. but my heart is in it.


i hope you'll listen.





ps - you can still hear the most-recent interview with kris hauch at these links: part one (episode 466), part two (episode 467), part three (episode 468).

November 01, 2015

the martian



episode 471 is here! it's me with a few more songs from kris hauch and some tangents inspired by the book the martian by andy weir.



the trailer for - the martian

more on - the book

hear - the cheers theme song


the kris hauch interview:

- episode 466 (part one)

- episode 467 (part two)

- episode 468 (part three)




October 25, 2015




tonight finds me in a state of contuined-transition, with episode 470 in tow. it's me again. drifting in the podcast lifeboat. with a few songs from kris hauch.


as a reminder, you can still find the recent interview with kris:


- part one (episode 466)

- part two (episode 467)

- part three (episode 468)


you're invited!




October 18, 2015




things are unsettled for me these days, but i'm very happy to share episode 469. it's just me with a few songs, checking in. saying hi. i hope you'll listen.


my many repeated thanks to kris hauch for sharing the last three weeks with me. you can still listen to - part one, part two, and part three. if you haven't, you should!




October 11, 2015

theme music - part 3 (of 3)



this week bring us to part three (of 3) weeks with kris hauch - episode 468.


my deep thanks go out to kris, again, for his time and generosity, and to you too, for being here, and sharing this.


if you haven't already, you can (re)visit part one here and part two here.


i hope you'll listen!


befriend - norway house

buy music - bandcamp.com

join in - theme music


the book - geography of nowhere


remember to visit kris on youtube:

- homeward bound

- baby's on the way

- move out to l.a.




October 04, 2015

theme music - part 2 (of 3)



episode 467 is here! it's part two (of three) weeks featuring the amazing kris hauch and norway house - more songs and behind-the-scenes stories = more fun, simply.


i'm thankful to kris, and hope you'll take a listen! if you didn't get a chance to hear part one, you can hear it here.


facebook for - norway house

more music is at - bandcamp.com

collaborate at - theme music


don't forget, kris on youtube:

- strong coffee blues

- be here when

- homeward bound




September 27, 2015

theme music - part 1 (of 3)



as promised, tonight brings us to part one of a series featuring singer-songrwriter-engineer kris hauch (aka norway house). kris visited amidst my recent move, shared some songs, stories, and updates on his ongoing projects.


notably, kris mentions the facebook page theme music, and the burgeoning norway house youtube empire.


it's episode 466 - part one of three. i hope you'll join us, listen, and explore!


become a friend of - norway house

find music at - bandcamp.com

discover recording at - theme music


see & hear:

- sun shadow man

- west coast girls

- under the leaves

- so lonely

- pokemon (3000)