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July 20, 2018

in the mood



episode 612 is here, and brings a few more new songs along with.


i hope you'll listen.


the songs:

- privilege (second demo, 2018)

- desire (first demo, 2018)

- in for a penny (pick yr battles, 2010)




July 13, 2018


hello friends,


i just posted episode 611, which finds me with some more new songs, lost a bit within the process of writing, recording, trying, et. al.


i'm feeling especially thankful for songwriting at the moment.


and that you're here with me.


i hope you'll listen.


the songs:

- yes and no (second demo, 2018)

- privilege (first demo, 2018)

- sunset (scratch demo, 2018)




July 06, 2018

yes and no



episode 610 is just me sharing a few songs from today.


i hope you'll listen.


the songs:

- a romantic idea (second demo, 2018)

- yes and no (scratch demo, 2018)

- now and then (long lost song, 2008)




June 28, 2018




episode 609 is a bit an unexpected addendum to episode 608. at its center are a few more thoughts inspired by pop stars kesha and enrique iglesias, the fragile ideal of fealty, and the 2002 film adaptation from screenwriter charlie kaufman.


the songs:

- let me down easy (cat eyes, 2016)

- a romantic idea (demo, 2018)

- a simple q (splitting, 2015)


i really hope you'll listen.





p.s. - if you've never seen the movie adaptation, it's highly recommended!

June 22, 2018




this week's podcast is episode 608, and finds me working on a new song + pondering life through the lens of recent pop songs. specifically, the albums sex and love (from enrique iglesias), and rainbow (from kesha).


i realize that pop music has a (mostly well earned) reputation for being shallow, simplistic, overly-commercialized, mass-produced, so on, etc. i don't disagree, but i also think there's a lot to see beneathe the gloss.


if yr interested, some examples are linked below.


(please note - content and language warning!!)


this is - enrique iglesias

hear the entire album - sex and love

the song "i'm a freak" is - a bit beyond explicit

the song "bailando" is - deservedly famous

the song "there goes my baby" is - sugar personified

the song "heart attack" is - wonderful melodrama


this is - kesha

hear the entire album - rainbow

the song "woman" - kicks some serious butt

the song "learn to let go" is - wistful + angry + powerful

the song "boogie feet" is - euro trash retro sweetness

the song "spaceship" is - true in a raw way


i hope you'll listen.